You have great business ideas but you lack the resources to pursue them...

AdvancedBITS will evaluate your ideas carefully and come up with the best IT solutions architected and engineered to propel your business to a higher level of cost efficiency, productivity and sharper competitive edge.

As your IT partner, delivering enterprise level IT Administration and System Support 24/7/365 to maintain your network at its highest efficiency, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of your core business model and day-to-day business needs, placing us in the best position to guide and execute the successful development of new applications as they are conceived, and deemed necessary or planned for the future.

Between the idea and the delivery is a critical time that is filled with hurdles to be considered and crossed, each critical to the successful development of your application. And they are not all reliant on programming skills. AdvancedBITS offers as part of our service- advanced Business IT Guidance-to research, analyze and create a comprehensive feasibility report to determine all options before money and resources are committed to the project. Once the project is a go, the planning stage with owners and Advanced BITS begins to align the new application to the business function. This close collaboration and trust between IT and owners is a critical component of the development process and in most cases a major factor in its success or failure.

The close collaboration of the partners-Business Owner and IT Partner - to take the initial concept from feasibility to development is critical to the project. They must have open and clear lines of communication and trust each other’s ability to determine and evaluate all the pieces to the puzzle before they go forward.

Once committed to the development project, our Business Application Development Team will marry the concept -plan to the most efficient and cost effective development framework and take the project to the full development cycle-assuming full responsibility for analysis, design, planning, implementing, testing and integration of all systems.

Custom and successful Applications Development can bring great value to your business:

  • Streamlining day-to-day-tasks by creating automated computer solutions
  • Empowering your employees with better tools to perform more efficiently
  • Vastly improves agility and gives you more control of your business processes
  • Reduce costs

Call us today to learn more how “one size in technology does not fit all” and why custom software solutions created for your specific day-to-day business needs are far more efficient and cost effective.