System Administration and Support

Make AdvancedBITS your Technology partner and we will become your IT Department; backed by years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to service, ensuring your IT network will function with reliability, efficiency, and reduced costs.

Your IT network should function as any other utility: you just turn on the power switch and click!

Behind the scenes an entire IT department with all its resources and commitment will be the power source keeping the heart of your business- the IT network- running flawlessly and without interruptions. Even when forces beyond control bring electric power lines down, your business will be up and running from our alternative secure location where your data and functions are powered for action uninterrupted.

Systems Support and Administration is the Core Service of AdvancedBITS

Fueled by cutting edge technology, IT resources and organizational capabilities, it becomes the foundation upon which IT applications and services are designed, developed and sustained for your specific business needs.

Technology is changing at a very fast pace and business success depends on efficient technology. AdvancedBITS will implement a dynamic and well-developed utility model customized to align your business processes and IT infrastructure to realize maximum reliability, scalability and cost reductions.

Comprehensive Vendor Management

  • By effective and strong Vendor Management to eliminate Finger Pointing of one vendor’s failure passing the blame on another and so on. This occurs because troubleshooting even the simplest of glitches involves several layers of vendor involvement and unless tightly managed and controlled the finger pointing is used as a tool to explain failures rather than except responsibility and look for resolution.
  • By offering our clients choices with expert and objective guidance on new applications, equipment and system upgrades.
  • By pulling from all our technology resources to harness the best ideas, solutions and delivery.
  • Our intimate knowledge of your network and business functions ensures the custom tailoring required to best fit the business processes.
  • Furthermore we leverage our buying powers with Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and other partners to deliver the best technology for the best possible price.

Call us today and we will explain how our Strategic Vendor Management will eliminate the challenges and pitfalls that multiple vendors can create and how the failure of one vendor can create a domino effect and bring the entire business process to misfire or come to a halt.

All the others can experience any of these problems at any one time and the business goes on as usual with corrections put in place to minimize overall productivity. But shut down or have a dysfunctional or inadequate IT department and every one of the functions are negatively impacted. The gears running the business go into slow motion or come to a halt.

Can you afford to compromise on the IT Support Department?

Call us today and we will prove how our system of Delivering and supporting all your IT functions will ensure the performance of the most critical component of your business- the IT Dept.

Cost Reductions without Sacrificing Performance

Faced with today’s challenging economy, businesses of all sizes are under financial pressure from factors beyond their control; they are looking more and more to IT for answers to cut day to day operational costs

AdvancedBITS provides mission critical IT resources capable of implementing and managing a well–developed utility model infrastructure- customized to meet the specific needs of your organization using the latest leading edge technologies to reduce costs.

Cloud Computing
Selectively stores customer data “in the cloud” and improves availability and scalability
Virtualization and Data Center Consolidation
Allows multiple servers and applications to run on one virtual server minimizing storage data centers, using less energy and saving on hardware requirements.
Remote Desk Help Support
will dramatically minimize down time from user malfunctions with remote and on-site user support 24/7/365

When a user encounters a computer glitch from the simplest to a more complicated problem it means unproductive time for as long as it takes that problem to be corrected. Because down time is not an option.

Contact us today and learn about how our system maximizes user productivity.

Cyber Security

The term “computer bug” was coined in 1947 by Admiral Grace Murray Hopper when she solved the problem of a failed U.S. Navy Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator being tested at Harvard University. She traced the faulty circuits to a moth that had gotten stuck on one of the circuits and brought the entire system down. After removing the pesky visitor, Admiral Hopper triumphantly claimed, ” I have debugged the computer.” From that moment on, all computer glitches have been referred to as bugs … and cleaning software and hardware of problems has been called “de-bugging.

How Secure are your Cyber Defenses?

We have come a long way from that original bug attack. The bugs of the past are like slings and arrows compared to the present day dark warriors armed with highly sophisticated knowledge and formidable weaponry to hack, invade, breach infect and compromise.

Today, cyber mania and cloud deployment deliver tremendous benefits, but they also present security and governance risks. Large enterprise companies are able to evaluate these risk hurdles with deep financial resources and expert guidance before deploying. Small and medium-size businesses, without those deep resources and critical guidance, are far less capable of making what is one of the most important decisions for their business.

Network Security

AdvancedBITS establishes a comprehensive understanding of your network’s security and disaster control requirements, and applies multiple enterprise and privacy measures to insulate your business and insure data security. We will custom create the cloud connection that will deliver the best solution for your business.

An unsuspected event out of anyone’s control could within minutes disable your entire operation and have serious consequences on data retrieval and business critical applications. The ability to quickly recover and get your business running is a key component of ensuring business continuity. Call us today and we will demonstrate how we apply our expert services and industry best practices to insure your security.

IT Monitoring

We focus on preventing IT problems before they occur because downtime is not an option. AdvancedBits provides your business with the deep, comprehensive 24/7/365 monitoring required to keep your business up and smoothly running. By constantly observing the network, we can make informed decisions on any adjustments and corrections needed to prevent the escalation of what is detected as a minor issue from becoming a full-blown threat. For physical, virtual and cloud systems alike, IT monitoring is crucial for ensuring safety, performance and reliability. Are you ready to stop spending money on fixing IT problems? Contact us today and we will show you why it is in our best interest as well as yours to PREVENT THEM!

Is your network plagued with glitches? Are they causing malfunctions that affect user efficiency and getting worse instead of better?

IT Installation

Many business owners and CEOs find themselves at the mercy of technicians, consultants and application salespeople whose patchwork installation efforts and desire to sell their product have created an unstable network environment doomed to failure. At AdvancedBits, expert and meticulously planned installation is a key component of our service—guaranteeing the smooth and seamless functionality and reliable operation of the network.

Contact us today and we’ll show you why taking certain basic steps are so critical whether you are adding new applications, new equipment or moving into new office space.

Regulatory Compliance

In today’s complex business environment and intrusive government, every organization is immersed in a sea of regulations—it’s an uphill battle to keep from drowning in the paperwork.

Complying with this watershed of regulations is mandatory, challenging and time consuming. Add to that, the fact that regulations are ever changing and evolving with each business or industry having its own unique requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all compliance solutions and what applies today is obsolete tomorrow. We manage the minefield of regulatory requirements and allow you to focus on running your business.

Call us today to see how our all-inclusive, fixed monthly fee Service will get your regulatory compliance in order.

Mobile Workforce

Meeting the demands of a fast-paced workforce—globally connected via smart phones, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices—is a challenge that must be dealt with in order to service and support these devices, but at the same time keep the core IT systems safe.

At AdvancedBITS, serving the mobile workforce is all part of our Enterprise IT Utility Model Support. One set monthly fee covers all—whether it is extending and improving the internal corporate phone system or securing authorized users so they can access corporate data and systems from their mobile devices, it is an ongoing quest for better, safer and affordable service.

Contact us today and find out how we can improve your phone system and save you money.