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Protect your business with Cybersecurity services

Our cybersecurity solutions provide comprehensive protection against online threats, ensuring the security and stability of your business operations.

Strengthen your cyber defenses

At AdvancedBITS, we take a comprehensive approach to network security and disaster control. Our experts assess your business’s specific requirements and implement enterprise-grade security measures to protect your data from threats. We also specialize in creating custom cloud connections to deliver the best possible solution for your business.
No business is immune to unexpected events that can disrupt operations and compromise critical data. That’s why we prioritize business continuity and offer fast recovery solutions to get your business back up and running in no time. Learn more about our expert services and industry best practices to ensure your business’s security.

sensitive data

Maintain your
business continuity

customer trust

Maximize Cybersecurity: Our proven optimization process safeguards your business from threats.

01 – Conduct a risk assessment

02 – Develop a cybersecurity plan

03 – Implement technical safeguards

04 – Establish policies and procedures

Customer stories

Akron Biotech

Ray Dempz, Senior IT Manager

AdvancedBITS provides MSP IT Infrastructure support for Akron Biotech’s Boca Raton Site. They are prompt in their responses to our service desk tickets. They really care about getting everything right. This whatever it takes attitude is felt throughout the organization. From the Service Desk Agents, to the Lead Technician, to the CEO, they do things the right way. One challenge that we threw their way was when we split our support to have one company support our Sarasota Site and AdvancedBITS would support our Boca Raton site. Normally this would be an issue because two companies now have to share the same access across our IT Landscape. AdvancedBITS did not even flinch. AdvancedBITS treated the other supplier as a customer and worked seamlessly to make this odd situation work. Now that is what I call customer service!. I highly recommend AdvancedBITS and the IT Services that they provide.

Astro Air

Joe Darsch, President/CEO

Five stars is what I would call AdvancedBITS. AdvancedBITS provides excellent technical knowledge and customer support. As my business grew and my technology needs changed, AdvancedBITS was able to advise and implement the best IT solution for my company. Their team is aware of the importance of technology to a business and gives high priority to every situation. No question goes unanswered, and no problem is left unresolved. If a great IT business solution company is what you are looking for, look no further than AdvancedBITS.

Barnes, Small, and McGee

Judd McGee, Partner

AdvancedBITS has been our IT partner for over ten years. Throughout that time, they have consistently managed not only our day-to-day IT issues, but also larger projects such as office relocations and transitioning to a cloud based environment. All interactions with their staff are pleasant and prompt. We do not hesitate to refer our clients to AdvancedBITS when they are in need of IT solutions.

Tower Alliance

Ronald L. Rubin, Managing Director

We have been with ABITS since we started our business in 2014 and they have been a great partner for outsourced IT services. They have worked well to scale our business/IT as we have grown us over the years. The team is knowledgeable, responsive and provides excellent service.