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IT Logistics

AdvancedBITS fulfills impossible IT requests worldwide, ensuring end-to-end logistics expectations are met. Whether it’s relocating or moving large IT equipment, our service minimizes downtime while keeping workflows and data intact.

Efficient IT Logistics Services for Businesses

Our comprehensive IT logistics service provides transportation, secure storage, and installation of technology equipment. We work with clients to tailor our logistics solutions to meet their specific needs, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Our experienced team delivers reliable and timely transportation of equipment to any location while offering secure storage and efficient installation. You can trust us to provide the most effective and efficient logistics services that support your business goals.

Efficient Logistics Solutions for Streamlined Operations

New infrastructure deployment

Breakdown, shipping, set up, and installation of IT equipment to a new location

New office user equipment setup

MDF and IDF setup

Onsite technicians

Permanent internet solutions at the new site

Temporary Internet solutions at the new site